IoT Fundamentals

This workshop is a great place to start if you know little to nothing about digital electronics and software programming.  We cover these topics using the popular Arduino IDE with specific labs to give you a high level understanding of some of the major components an any IoT product.


What you will learn

  • Digital Electronics Basics

    • Basics of Electricity, Voltage, Current, Resistance

    • Ohm’s Law (Yes it’s important)

    • Digital and Analog Circuits

    • Analog to Digital Conversion, Pulse Width Modulation

    • Sensors, LED’s, Motor, Polarity

    • Prototyping Basics, Reading a schematic, Data sheets

  • Simple programming in C

    • Arduino IDE

    • Compilation and download to Atmega 328 MCU

    • Assignment statements, If statements, For/While loops, Functions

    • Digital and Analog read and write

    • Timing delays

    • Button debouncing

  • Brief Introduction to PCB layout

    • Using Upverter

    • Oshpark

What you need to bring

  • Your own laptop with power cord running either

    • Windows 10

    • Mac OS X​​​​

What you will take home (hands-on lab)

You will receive a Sparkfun Inventors Kit which includes all the hardware you will need for the workshop, plus additional components you can take home with you to continue your learning after the workshop.

This workshop is under development. If you would like to be notified when it is available, click on the Notify Me button and we will send you an email when it is ready.


9am - 5pm




Hardware, Software