COGS Analysis

Cost of Goods Sold analysis looks at everything that goes into producing a product in volume from supplies coming in to the final landing cost where sold. This figure will be the most significant primary factor in the cost of your product. Typically you want to have the COGS no more than 25% of your final retail price.


In the prototyping phase, this analysis looks at the main components of our architecture and ensures that the components we are choosing have a good 10 year life from the manufacturer. Additionally we will have backup options when a part is in question regarding it's ability to perform.

Closer to the production phase, we use Silicon Expert to document all of our components that will go into the schematic and PCB. From here we can determine suppliers, costs at various qty levels, certifications, EOL data, etc.

The COGS estimate will show costs at Qty 1, 100 amd 1,000. COGS also includes any enclosure parts, packaging, etc.